PW-01 PCR Workstation

PW-01 PCR Workstation
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Effective sterilization 254nm ultraviolet lamp and Fluorescent lamp.
• Adjustable UV-timer for precise control of decontamination.
- The variable digital timer for UV exposure with detail settings by second. (Delay OFF : Max. 30min)
- Long life (Up to 8,000 hour) UV lamp.
• Anti-glare fluorescent lamp is installed on the center ceiling of the work space area, minimizing shadows
and relieves eye strain.

User-Friendly Control System
• Microprocessor-based control system.
• Bright and vivid LCD display with responsive touch buttons.
• Easily indicating the total use time and operating time on the screen.

A reliable interlock safety system
• An audible alarm for product and sample protection against UV over exposure.
• For safety UV-opaque and resistant 99.99%, thick acryl front, back and sides.
• Automatic UV lamp safety shut OFF, in case the door is opened, which prevents accidental UV exposure.
• Self-protection against over-current.

Additional features

Filtration features (PW-series)
• Particle-free ISO 14644-1 HEPA filter (Class 4 conditions)
- Using a 99.99% efficiency HEPA filter that filters particle sizes of 0.3 micron and greater, traps
bio-hazardous aerosols, and provides a particulate-free work environments that minimizes cross
• Neoprene gaskets ensures that the HEPA filter is airtight to the body unit.
- The HEPA filters life span depending on the test room conditions has a life span of 3 years.
• Replacing of the HEPA filter can easily be replaced by opening the upper cover, located in the front.
• Polyester fiber pre-filter that has minimal pressure loss and 85% arrestance on the A.F.L. test which serves
to trap larger particles and increases the life of the main filter.
• Adjustable digital blower speed switch located in the front with use of large capacity blower is adopted into
the equipment.

Model PW-01
Air Flow type Vertical
Max. air volume (cmh / cfm) 557 / 327
Min. air volume (cmh / cfm) 167 / 97
Laminar airflow velocity(m / s / fpm) 0.3 / 60
Air cleanliness ISO 14644-1Class 4
HEPA Filter Typical efficiency of 99.99% at 0.3 ㎛ US MIL -STD -282 ; Micro glass fiber Media, Particle board, AL separator, Neoprene gaskets
Pre-Filter Typical efficiency of 99.99% at 0.3 ㎛ US MIL -STD -282 ; Micro glass fiber Media, Particle board, AL separator, Neoprene gaskets
Noise level (dBA) Typically < 60 dBA at initial Blower speed
Work Surface Acryl 10mm (Clear type)
Window (Front, Side / Back) Acryl 8mm / 10mm (Clear type)
Intensity FL lamp (lux) >1000
UV Density (㎼/cm2) 165
FL Lamp 15W×1EA
UV Lamp 15W×1EA
Dimensions (W×D×H)
Interior (mm / inch) 700×585×602 / 27.5×23×23.7
Exterior (mm / inch) 720×605×964 / 28×24×38
Weight (Body) (kg / lbs) 56.2 / 123.9
Electric requirement (120V) 60Hz, 2.2A
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