TPP Cell Scrapers and Cell Lifters

TPP Cell Scrapers and Cell Lifters
  • TPP Cell Scraper with rotating head
  • TPP Cell Scrapers and Cell Lifters
  • TPP Cell Lifter
  • TPP Cell Spatula
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TPP Cell Scrapers provide a convenient method for scraping off and collecting cells.

*The special blades can be turned at an angle, using only one hand, to allow maximum access to TC growth surfaces.
*The blade design is based on an axle and bearing point to achieve self-locking blade positions.
*Each blade is made of a soft grade polyethylene, which allows neat collection without damage to cells, while the stem is made of a relatively rigid plastic material.
*The cell spatula is made of polypropylene.
*The TPP Cell Scrapers are guaranteed sterile by gamma irradiation and provide superior access to cell growth surfaces, especially when used with the TPP Flat Bottom Tubes or the 25, 75, 150, and 300cm2 Flasks.

TPP Cell Scrapers have a pivoting head that enables the blade angle to be changed effortlessly with a slight twist of the fingers while still in contact with the surface being scraped. This allows for easy and thorough cell retrieval from vessels of all shapes and sizes without having to constantly re-position the scraper or culture vessel. The TPP Cell Spatula has a fixed angle blade ideal for scraping cells or lifting intact monolayers.
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