TPP Cell Suspension Tubes

TPP Cell Suspension Tubes
  • 50mL Bioreactor Tubes
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o Defined ventilation
o No internal stirring mechanism to damage cells or produce foam
o Flexible working volume with one type of tube
o Large-scale parallel experiments
o Rapid sampling following centrifugation, and the tube is disposable
o Much more space efficient that using suspension flasks

TPP Cell Suspension Tubes are ideal for the high throughput screening and optimization of suspension cell system process development. Each Cell Suspension tube resembles a standard 50ml conical tube, and the cap has a built-in o.22µm hydrophobic membrane to maintain sterility and facilitate gas exchange. Process development and media optimization can be finely controlled by means of five cap holes of differing size that can be selectively sealed to achieve maximum cell yield and output.

The simple 50ml tube design contains no internal mixing or stirring mechanism which minimizes cell shearing and foam formation, and agitation is provided by shaking in a CO2 shaking incubator.In this manner, hundreds of cell cultivations can be performed quickly and efficiently in parallel.

Ideal for Suspension

* Less incubator or hood space needed; when compared to a T75
* Less plastic usage and less plastic waste
* Great gas exchange throughout the culture
* No transfer stage – Spin down in the same tube
* Easier withdrawal from tube than a flask

The TPP Cell Suspension Tubes are perfect for cell suspension. The cap is designed with 5 holes and a 0.22µm hydrophobic membrane. This allows for ideal gas exchange throughout your culture, and if needed, controlled gas exchange by covering the holes. By using the same vessel throughout each pass, less cells will be damaged or lost during a transfer.

Sold in cases of 180 tubes.
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