TPP T10 TC Flask/Tube 0.22um filter cap, 5/bag 350/case

TPP T10 TC Flask/Tube 0.22um filter cap, 5/bag 350/case
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* 0.22┬Ám hydrophobic cap filter
* White marking area and graduations
* TC treated on 10cm2 growth surface only
* Sterile by gamma irradiation
* Certified DNAse/RNAse, nucleic acid, and pyrogen-free

The innovative design of the TPP 10cm2 Tissue Culture Flask/Tube incorporates the features of a tissue culture flask and a 50ml conical centrifuge tube into a single multi-functional culture vessel. Each Flask/Tube has a flat 10cm2 treated growth surface that is ideal for small scale experiments, working with primary cell lines, or bringing up frozen cells out of storage.

If the cultured cells need to be harvested and pelleted, the 10cm2 Flask/Tube can also be spun in a standard 50ml conical tube rotor or adapter (up to 1,200 x g).This not only saves time but eliminates the chance of contamination during the transfer step.


* Eliminates contamination risk during transfer step from flask to centrifuge tube
* Can be centrifuged up to 1,200 x g
* Wide neck opening allows easy and complete access to the growth surface with a cell scraper or pipette
* Unique design will not fall through a microscope stage like a 35-40mm TC dish
* Lower contamination risk and more secure than a standard TC dish
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