TPP Tissue Culture Flasks

TPP Tissue Culture Flasks
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TPP Tissue Culture Supplies are extremely unique, and the flasks in the TPP line follows that pattern. Light Labs offers three main version of the tissue culture flask: Vented Tissue Culture Flasks, Filtered Tissue Culture Flasks, and Peel-Off Flasks. To begin with, many people confuse vented and filtered culture flasks. In the past flasks were only vented, meaning that the top could be left un-screwed allowing air to pass in and out of the flask in order to allow cellular respiration. Then, recognizing the need to guard against bacterial infection within tissue culture flasks, filtered flasks came along with filters covering holes in the cap of the flask. These filtered tissue culture flasks are vented in the sense that they allow air flow, but at Light Labs, we consider them filtered flasks.

Our vented cell culture flasks have a screw cap that is innovative in its field. The vented cap has a marking on it that allows users to know that the flask is vented when the cap snaps into place. A simple 90 degree turn to the right will close the flask completely.

Our Peel-Off Tissue Culture Flasks make a great substitue for culture dishes. The top of the TPP Peel-Off Flask will simply peel back, to allow cells to be removed easily from above. This is the ideal flask for those hard-to-remove cells that need scraping. Using the Peel-Off Flasks, tissue culture users enjoy the benefits of a flask with the ability to access their cells from the top, as opposed to through the cap.
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