Light Labs Ultra Blue X-Ray Film

Light Labs Ultra Blue X-Ray Film
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Produces sharp and clear, publishable auto-radiographs without graininess and background fogging associated with clear-based films. This film can be used with all types of labeled samples with excellent signal, even with low levels of radioactivity.

Especially suited for exposure of protein experiments and DNA sequencing gels, this film is routinely used for Western Blotting, Sequencing, Chemiluminescent Autoradiography, and Gel Shift Analysis. The method and length of exposure depends on the type and the amount of radio-isotope used in the sample. For instance, samples labeled with high energy, ?-particle-emitting isotopes sucas 125I, 32P, 35S may be exposed directly or with intensifying screens. Normal developing temperature is 90-93 ºF. Processing is rapid, complete in approximately 90 seconds (varies/test).

• Sharp Images
• Use with 145C, 32P, 33P, 35S & 125I
• Optimized for chemiluminescence
• High sensitivity & contrast
• Compatible with automatic or manual processors
• Ultra clear & dual emulsion
• 100 Sheets/Pack
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  • Author: KFERG011
    Best autoradiography film on the market. Crisp, clear images. Great price.