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Do you buy Kodak film now? Are you paying too much? Well you've come to the right place. At Light Labs we offer Fuji film which, as we all know, is comparable to Kodak in every way. Researchers have been using our film for years and we've heard nothing but rave reviews. Are you doing Chemiluminescence or Autoradiography? No problem. Fuji Film is the answer for you.

Note: While Kodak film typically comes 50 sheets/pk...our Fuji Film comes 100 sheets/pk at typically half the price.

Film and Cassettes

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Light Labs Ultra Blue X-Ray Film
Sharp Images
Use with 145C, 32P, 33P, 35S & 125I
Optimized for chemiluminescence
High sensitivity & contrast
Compatible with automatic or manual processors
Ultra clear & dual emulsion
100 Sheets/Pack

Our price: $49.90
Ultra Blue Autoradiography Film
Ideal for chemiluminescence
Publication quality
Suitable for 14C, 32P, 33P, 125I, 35S
Reduced background
High contrast

Our price: $69.00
Cassettes with Intensifying Screens
*Cassettes conveniently packaged with the intensifying screens
*Extremely compact
*Screens sharpen images and reduce exposure time

Our price: $244.75

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