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Does what you're trying to find not fit a particular catagory? Well maybe you will find it here, under General Lab Supplies. From timers, to notepads, to plastic beakers and cylinders, to pestle sets, and much more.

If you still can't find what you're looking for, then contact us and we'll be glad to help.

General Lab Supplies

 Beakers and Graduated Cylinders
3 Products
 Biohazard Supplies
9 Products
2 Products
 Electroporation Supplies
4 Products
 hybex Media Bottles
6 Products
 Laboratory Wipes
3 Products
 Petri Dishes
3 Products
 Storage and Containers
13 Products
4 Products
 Timers & Stopwatches
8 Products
 Transfer Pipettes
2 Products
 Wash Bottles
2 Products
 Weigh Boats
2 Products
 Western Blot Boxes
1 Products
 Drosophila Supplies
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20" x 50' Absorbent Liner, Dispenser Box
* Economical
* Absorbs spills
* Retains liquids
* Soft and durable
* Can be cut to size

Our price: $38.00
List Price: $49.00 save 22%
6.5ml Scintillation Vials
* Used for liquid scintillation counting, gamma counting, chromatography, sample storage, and culturing
* Shoulderless vial
* Volume: 6.5ml
* Built-in lock prevents cap popping

Our price: $89.00
ABS Parafilm® Dispenser
*Store, dispense, and cut Parafilm®, tape, labels, and Tough- Tags®.
*ABS plastic dispenser designed with a safety razor that slides and cuts with no danger to your fingers. Dispenser holds one or two 2-inch rolls, or one 4-inch roll.

Our price: $42.40
List Price: $49.00 save 13%
Acrylic Parafilm Dispenser
• Store, dispense, and cut Parafilm, tape, labels, etc.
• Strong, crystal-clear acrylic
• Super sharp serrated blade
• Holds one or two 2” rolls or one 4” roll

Our price: $109.00
List Price: $129.00 save 16%
Angled Bottle Rest
*Comfort—Pipette at a comfortable 45°
*Durable—Made of long- lasting acrylic and polypropylene
*Ideally sized—Accommo- dates 50ml to 1 liter square or round bottles
*Space saving—
Compact design takes up little benchtop space

Our price: $82.00
Antibody Saver Tray
*Molded of autoclavable polypropylene 121ºC (250º)
*Bag of 5
*Reduce expensive antibody use in the Western Blot incubating process

Our price: $20.50
Autoclavable Disposal Bags
• Clear bags imprinted with blue biohazard labeling designed for safe disposal
• Constructed of 2.0-mil thick polypropylene, allowing for repeated autoclaving
• Strong side seams for securely holding items
• Front write-on panel
• Autoclavable at 250°F (121°C)
• 4 inner packs of 50 bags, sold as a case of 200

Our price: $88.90
Autoclave and Biohazard Bags
• Heavy gauge polypropylene
• Large white marking area
• Strong seamless bottom
• Biohazard symbol
• Clear or red

Our price: $22.90
Benchmark Hotplates, Stirrers, and Hotplate-Stirrers

Biomega hotplates, stirrers, and hotplate stirrers from Light Labs feature an exceptionally durable, chemical resistant white ceramic work surface. Advanced microprocessor controls allow quick, precise adjustment and maintenance of speed and and/or temperature.

Our price: $219.00
Biohazard Autoclave Gloves, Orange, 1 pair
* Heat resistant up to 450°F (232°C)
* Excellent for handling hot objects
* All cotton-terry cloth gloves replace hazardous asbestos gloves
* Gauntlet protects wrist and forearm
* Washable
* One size fits all

Our price: $23.90
List Price: $39.00 save 39%
CombiSyringe Tips
The Labpette R performs best when used with Light Lab's BioFree dispenser syringe tips. Available sterile or nonsterile, the tips are supplied in sturdy, stackable dispenser boxes of 100 tips.

Our price: $177.00
- Manufactured from polystyrene formulated for superior clarity and transmission.
- Fits most spectrophotometers, including Beckman, Perkin-Elmer, Gilford, Hitachi, Varian, and Shimadzu.
- Packed in dust resistant trays.
- Each cuvette is packed in its own individual compartment to assure scratch-free optical surfaces.
- Polyethylene cap with flexible double seals separately available.
- 1000/case

Our price: $57.00
Electric Bag Sealer
Make a seal on plastic sheets, bags, or flat tubing...

Our price: $160.00

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