Starfrost Adhesive Microscope Slides

Light Labs' StarFrost® adhesive slides feature surface treatment with silane-coating. This silane coating forms permanent, free polar bonds on the surface, which also through electrostatic attraction ensures cell-and-tissue-adhesion and supports the forming of covalent bonds between the tissue and the glass surface. Tissue and cell substrates stick rapidly on our StarFrost® adhesive slides without using further adhesives or protein coating media. This saves costly and time consuming preparation-techniques.

The advantage of StarFrost® adhesive slides is the restriction of the adhesive coating to the top surface of our slides and therefore to the usable area only. On our adhesive slides the under side is untreated therefore the slides do not tend to stick when stacked or transported as with other competitive products and difficulties with marking are also avoided.

StarFrost® adhesive slides do not show striae and disturbing background coloration such as the blue or red background obtained with Haematoxylin and Eosin-staining of tissues on Albumin coated glass, or the brown background obtained during the Immunoperoxidase or In-situ-DNS-Hybridisation process. During these procedures our adhesive slides allow stronger enzyme-induction without losing the tissue.

For molecular-hybridization, washing with chromic-acid is redundant, due to our RNSase-free adhesive slides.