Tissue Culture Supplies

TPP Tissue Culture Supplies

Growth treatment: Each one of our TPP Tissue Culture Flasks, Dishes and Multiwell Plate products is subjected to a special growth treatment on specific surfaces, thus enhancing tissue growth. Each batch of products is tested employing various tissue growth criteria.Freedom from pyrogenics: Pyrogenic substances are inflammatory components of micro-organisms. All TPP products, except accessories such as racks, are systematically checked for freedom from pyrogenic substances. The endotoxin value lies by < 0.06 EU/ml (LAL-Test), for serological pipettes, PCV Packed Cell Volume tubes, Peel-Off Flasks, and Syringe Filters <0.5 EU/ml (LAL-Test).Freedom from RNA, DNA, RNases and DNases: Alien DNA on testing systems is unintentionally amplified during PCR-processing along with the desired DNA. RNases and DNases are enzymes that split RNA and DNA. DNA Independent research laboratories periodically confirm that neither foreign RNA/DNA nor R- or D- nases are detectable in TPP products.