AvantGuard Barrier Tips

AvantGuard Barrier Tips
  • 10ul XL Barrier Tip
  • 100ul Barrier Tip
  • 200ul XL Barrier Tip
  • 1250ul Long Barrier Tips
  • 1000ul Barrier Tip
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Recently, Light Labs has developed a new 1.2mL, 200ul and 10ul Barrier tip. This was done in response to a demand for longer tips that easily reach the bottom of tubes, thus eliminating cross contamination. Researchers performing PCR love them. Our new 200ul Avantguard Barrier Tip features this extended length, as well as a fine point and reference marks. However, the features that set the 200ul tip apart from the field of barrier tips, are its exceptional clarity and soft fit. The soft fit is unique, in that it is created by a thin wall surface at the base of the tip, thus reducing the amount of force needed to create a seal with a pipette and to eject the tip. The clarity of the 200ul Avantguard Barrier tip speaks for itself. The extended length of the 10ul AvantGuard Barrier Tip also serves to decrease cross contamination. The tip easily reaches the bottom of PCR tubes, PCR plate wells, and Microcentrifuge tubes.
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