Intelli-Mixer Rotator Mixer RM-2 - Large

Intelli-Mixer Rotator Mixer RM-2 - Large
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3 models/sizes to choose from!

  • Easy-to-operate simple interface.
  • Accommodates a broad range of test tubes from 0.5ml to 50ml.
  • Rotation speed range from 1 – 99 RPM.
  • 18 different preset rotation and rocking programs.
  • 2 variable intensity vortexing programs.
  • 3 additional custom programs that can be user-defined.
  • FLASH memory on-board for storing individual settings and custom programs.
  • High performance maintenance-free stepper motor.
  • Standby low energy consumption (SLEEP) mode.

12 Rocking modes:
The super-powerful stepper motor drive and specially designed rocking program insures the best performance and comfort in all the applications that require rocking.

The speed controller automatically switches from RPM to Shakes Per Minute scale to insure the perfect control and reproduction.

Special Rocking platform with anti-slip finish provides enough space for loading a wide range of samples.

Platform design insures that no overturn can happen even in the event of a power supply failure.

15 Automated Intelligent Mixing Programs:
Intelli-Mixer functions as a rotator, rocker, vorter mixer as well as blotter device ideal for immunoprecipitation and many other applications.

The state-of-the-art patented intelligent drive system “V-spin” and a complete range of test tube holders (racks) provide the ability to mix tubes from 0.5 to 50ml capacity.

The range of mixing vibrations can be easily adjusted from gentle rocking up to intense vortexing. 31 in-built and 3 customizable programs ensure that any type of samples regardless of density or any other characteristic can be mixed equally well.

3 user-defined custom mixing programs:
Due to the ability to set up user-defined custom protocols, there is virtually no limit to the range of applications the IntelliMixer can effectively be used for!

The mixer can be programmed for any sequence of mixing, rotating and pausing.

The steps can be easily configured by simply holding the rack in your hand and rotating it in any direction and on any angle: every movement is saved in the memory and will be replicated by the program when activated. You’ve got to see it to believe it!

4 blotting modes:
Better Sensitivity: Studies indicate up to 20 times higher sensitivity than standard blotting..
Higher Specificity: Reduces cross-reactivity up to 4 times.
Reagent Economy: Reagent use is up to 12-fold less. Lower costs for expensive antibodies.
Faster Results: Better binding means quicker experiments.
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