Starfrost Microscope Slides

StarFrost® slides from Light Labs carry on the wettable top surface, a colored translucent but opaque marking area. Available in our 6 standard colours: white, blue, pink, yellow, green and orange, all of which can be marked like a normal slide.

Different slide colors make it quicker and safer to separate slides or specimens. Our special color-printed marking area is resistant to all common chemicals used in the laboratories. On our StarFrost® Slides, the printed ink works as a spacer to prevent scratches or sticking of the slides when stacking or magazining them. Additionally, there has been a lower susceptibility to failure in automated laboratory systems noticed.
From the single side printing of our coloured marking area and our adjacent printed trademark “StarFrost®“, the user always knows the best surface to be used. The printing also makes it easier to focus the microscope on the used surface and even in the dark you can feel whether you have the correct side.

The StarFrost® slides are cleaned by a new, globally unique cleaning-procedure, which is also friendly to the environment. Our cleaning-process offers the best wettability and the optimum condition of the marking area.

All above mentioned microscope slides have hydrophilic surfaces and are commonly used for blood smears.